Loyal Team

Loyal to the Core

Our family has built a company based on loyalty to core nutritional principles and the health of our customers and the planet. Our products are inspired by a desire to consume all of our favorite foods and beverages while optimizing health at the same time.

A lot of our dear friends and family members have suffered from diabetes and insulin-related issues, which taught us the importance of limiting our added sugar intake. Many years ago, we would spend time researching healthy sugar alternatives as a family, which eventually led us to the incredible monk fruit.

After tasting the delicious sweetness of monk fruit, and reading all about its incredible benefits and nutritional profile, we started to incorporate monk fruit into all of our favorite recipes, and continued doing this for years. We introduced our findings with friends and family, but monk fruit is a rare ingredient and most people found it difficult to find monk fruit in a natural and accessible form. That is what inspired us to create Loyal.

“Our goal is for everyone to be able to enjoy their favorite foods and recipes in a way that is not harmful and even beneficial for your body. We hope that Loyal  will become your new best friend and will allow you to enjoy life’s most delicious experiences without the guilt!” -The Loyal Team! 

Founder & CEO

Growing up, Jonathan was always extremely interested and passionate about nutrition and wellness. After witnessing several family members and close friends suffer with diabetes, he was inspired to find a way to consume all of his favorite foods and beverages without the negative health implications associated with table sugar and artificial sweeteners. Joining him on this quest were his parents and sister, and after years of research and experimentation they discovered Loyal. Jonathan has always valued the concept of loyalty, and is motivated to help society re-establish a loyal relationship with their consumption.

Co-founder, CMO & Recipe Maker

Since she was a child, Laurena has always dreamed of helping people. Her innate desire to provide support to others, and her passion for health and wellness, led Laurena to pursue a career in Naturopathic Medicine. She is currently finishing up her last year of Naturopathic Medical School, and is also pursuing her passion of nutrition with Loyal. Laurena studied Nutrition at NYU, and has always loved finding ways to make her favorite treats in a clean and healthy way. This provided tremendous value in the development of Loyal. She has always been the go-to healthy recipe expert for her family and close friends and now for Loyal.

Irina and Michael
Co-founders, CO-COO’s

Irina and Michael have been married for 30 years, and have always valued the concept of loyalty in their relationship. Their passion for loyalty also impacted their parenting approach, in allowing Jonathan and Laurena to pursue their dreams. Irina was fascinated with nutrition and with ancient healing traditions, instilled by her grandmother. This led her to prioritize nutrition in the household, and find ways to make exciting meals that were still delicious and enjoyed by her family. Michael always enjoyed taste-testing these recipes throughout the years, and was inspired to help his family in their quest for optimal living.

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